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Web Development

Web development (or web dev) refers to the tools used to develop a website to put on the web. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, and much more. Web dev makes the internet fun, so take a look at the following links to become a web guru!

  • Mozilla Developer Network

  • The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is one of the most popular resources for web developer on the web. It is a network of easily readable documentation on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, API's and more. The site also includes tutorials on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Learn to Code HTML and CSS

  • If you're looking for more of a tutorial on web dev, this site is great! Aimed towards beginers, Learn to Code HTML and CSS takes you step by step through the basics.

  • W3 Schools

  • If you have nowhere else to turn, W3 schools will always pop up in a Google search. Their information is beginner friendly but not always the most accurate. Take it with a grain of salt.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, besides being super cool, has many awesome applications. It is used in gaming, military, healthcare, education, sports, and many other areas.

  • Unity Pro

  • Programming for Oculus is greatly simplified by using Unity Pro. The pro version costs quite a lot but you can get a 14-day trial for free!

  • 6 Ways Virtual Reality is Already Changing the World

  • This article includes videos on six cool ways that virtual reality is impacting the world, including treating children with autism and allowing surgeons to practice techniques before operating on patients.

  • 10 Mind-Blowing Oculus Rift Experiments That Reveal VR's Practical Potential

  • This article presents ten very cool projects done with the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display. These projects include using the Rift to give medical students a first person view of surgery, and how NASA is working on using the Rift to move robots in space.

Java and object-oriented principles

Java is an object-oriented language designed for almost any platform you can think of. If you're just starting out with programming there might be simpler ways to get started but learning Java will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the object-oriented programming paradigm.

  • The Java Tutorials

  • For easy to understand tutorials on specific aspects of the Java language, the official Java tutorials are a great starting point.

  • TutorialsPoint Java Tutorial

  • This alternative to the Java Tutorials will help you learn the basics of programming in Java. It starts with setting up your environment and fundamentals of programming. If you want to learn more there are pages on advanced topics like multithreading and networking.

Android App Development

You can develop for Android with Java, so those of you who know it have a head start! Even if you don't know Java, making an Android app can be fun and easy, and in the end you will have an awesome working app! Here are tutorials on Android development.

  • Building Your First App

  • The official Android tutorials. They go through the works from setting up your workspace through building a UI.

  • Android LifeHacker

  • For another opinion on how to do Android, check out this article. They give the different ways to develop Android apps and include more resources for developers.

iOS Apps

Want your apps on the Apple App Store? Look no further than iOS development. iOS apps are created using Objective-C or Swift, which recently became open source. You must have a Mac and XCode to build apps for iOS.

  • Download XCode

  • Download XCode to get started. Xcode provides everything you need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Official iOS Tutorial

  • Learn how to build a note-taking app through Apple's official tutorials.

  • Objective-C

  • Read Apple's documentation on Objective-C if you get stuck with programming language problems.

  • Swift Basics

  • This quick tutorial from Apple quickly goes over the basics of Swift and includes a language reference.

Windows Apps

By usage, Windows has the largest marketshare of any OS. Learning to make apps for Windows might be a worthwhile investment. It's really easy with their newest tools too!

  • Azure

  • Talk to Joshua J. Bakita, Microsoft Student Partner for more information on Azure.

  • Visual Studio Online

  • Talk to Joshua J. Bakita, Microsoft Student Partner for more information on VSO.

  • Making a Windows App

  • Talk to Joshua J. Bakita, Microsoft Student Partner for more information on making Windows Apps.