HackNC Travel

Here is all the information you need to make it to Chapel Hill on October 9th-11th.

Location and parking

HackNC will be held in Sitterson Hall and Phillips Hall on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill. The address of our venue is:

201 S. Columbia Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Free parking is available within easy walking distance of HackNC beginning at 5:00pm Friday afternoon.


A carpool consists of 3 or more students intending to participate in HackNC.

If you were accepted on or before September 19th, your carpool is automatically approved for a grant equivalent to the cost of gas, not to exceed $0.10/mile. Limit one per carpool. Qualifications for carpool grants are as follows:

  • RSVP via link in your email
  • Drive yourself and at least 2 passengers to HackNC
  • Submit a project

We cannot make exceptions to this policy. Grants will be distributed after the event by mail.

Grant amounts

Maximum one-way distance   Total grant amount
0 - 50 miles$0
51 - 100 miles$20
101 - 200 miles$40
201 - 300 miles$60
301 - 400 miles$80
401 + miles$100

Large Vans

Contact us if you are looking to coordinate a van of 6 or more. Email vansRus@hacknc.com. The process of receiving your grant is similar to normal carpools.

Other transit options

HackNC has a limited number of $50 grants available to supplement the cost of bus/train/plane tickets. Email us at grantMeTravel@hacknc.com before booking to confirm availability.

Chartered Buses

Unfortunately, HackNC is not chartering buses this year.

International travel

HackNC can not provide assistance for international travel or visa paperwork.


If you have any questions please email us at travel@hacknc.com.